Corona infected in Belgium gives birth to a healthy baby


Pensacola, fl

A Belgian woman with a Corona virus gave birth to a healthy baby girl, but now she has to learn how to care for her newborn while still wearing the muzzle, even at bedtime.

Child Mahawat was born on April 23 in Brussels in a cesarean section due to previous complications unrelated to Covid-19 disease, but she called for an examination of Mother Amandine, although she had no symptoms.

The mother said, they told me that I would be examined as a Coffid 19 and I thought it would be negative the next day. The gynecologist who followed my case called me to tell me that it was positive I almost fell from my seat

Doctors said that the girl had not yet been examined to see if she was HIV positive, but that it would be done.

The WHO says mothers who have been diagnosed with the HIV virus should be encouraged to care for their babies and breastfeed as normal, provided that they are strictly kept clean.



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