Robots buy supplies for residents of an English city under general isolation

2018.03.08 Starship Robot Activation Intuit
2018.03.08 Starship Robot Activation Intuit

Pensacola, fl

A team of wheeled robots connecting shopping in the English city of Milton Keynes is becoming increasingly popular with residents who need their homes in compliance with public isolation restrictions to combat the Corona virus.

The length of a single robot does not exceed the height of the knee of an adult and looks like a white plastic box that runs on six black wheels.

It is common to see these robots in the city where they have been delivering groceries for more than two years.

However, since the government implemented strict social separation measures on March 23, robots have become more busy than ever as they deliver free to National Health Authority workers and face an increase in population demand.

“We now offer a free delivery service for NHS employees within the city,” said Henry Harris-Pearland of Starchip, which makes these robots. We want to make things a little easier for these people in this difficult time

Many of them work … eighty hours a week and they don’t have enough time to go to the local grocery store, so we use the robot to shop for them. We are honored to be part of the solution

The robots are equipped with an antenna resemblance, at the end of which a small red flag, to facilitate monitoring while on the move. They are large enough to carry several shopping bags as well as a bottle.

Starship has doubled its fleet of delivery robots in Milton Keynes to 70 in the past three weeks.

Harris-Pearland said it has made 100,000 deliveries in the city.

A lot of residents are calling us online to order a delivery service to their neighborhoods,” he said.

We are doing everything we can and as quickly as possible to expand the service to more people, especially at this important time, he added


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