Pelosi presidential election must be held on time


Pensacola, fl

Speaker of the US House of Representatives Nancy Pelosi said that the presidential elections scheduled for next November should be held on time.

Pelosi stressed that Democratic lawmakers should prevent President Trump from trying to postpone the elections, despite the possibility of a resurgence of the new Corona virus outbreak.

Trump has added a lot of things to undermine America, and we cannot allow him to destroy our democracy. This will not happen. And, God willing, some Republican lawmakers will also turn to our country and our constitution. “

For his part, presumed Democratic candidate for the US presidential election, Joe Biden, said he expected President Donald Trump to try to postpone the November elections in an effort to win a second term.

Trump’s mission to win the election may be more difficult than anticipated at a time when the epidemic is spreading, while the number of unemployed has risen to 26.4 million.

While voting by mail and by post is the means that some say may help limit the transmission of Covid-19 infection between voters, Trump insists that it leaves room for fraud.


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