One month old baby in Thailand recovering from the Coronavirus


Pensacola, fl

One-month-old baby in Thailand, the country’s youngest coronavirus patient, recovered from the disease thanks to a team of doctors and the use of a combination of antiviral drugs.

After extensive consultations with pharmacists and other medical experts, the team decided to use antiviral drugs to treat the infant.

The strategy that was used to treat this child was to give him treatment for 10 days,” said pediatrician Faisal Mawla Al-Sarat, who treated the infant at the Pamprasaradura Institute of Infectious Diseases in Bangkok.

He added that we conducted a health examination every day and after three to five days of that, the X-ray showed signs of his recovery gradually.

Despite the challenges of treating an infant less than a year old due to restrictions on giving him certain medications, Faisal said that the symptoms in a young child seemed less severe than in adults.

Thailand has recorded 15 new cases of the emerging coronavirus and one death, bringing the total infected in the country to 2826 and deaths to 49 deaths.


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