An electronic hacker steals $ 25 million in digital currencies and returns them


Pensacola, fl

Reports said that an electronic pirate stole $ 25 million in digital currencies, and then returned it two days later.

The records show that the sum was withdrawn from various crypto currencies from a financial site in China called Force.

The pirate withdrew $ 10 million from Ethereum’s independent financial site, while another $ 10 million worth of other dollar-denominated currencies were withdrawn, and 4 million from other currencies.

The entire amount was returned, albeit in a mixture of different digital currencies.

DeForce allows users of its online services to make financial deals with one another in crypto currencies.

“The pirates tried to contact us, and we wanted to discuss the matter with them,” wrote the site’s founder, Mindao Yang, on his blog after the attack on Sunday.

He added The attack did not harm our customers, customers, and my partner, but it also harmed me.

Some of my money was stolen in the attack.

Yang promised to tell people more information later. The BBC contacted the site to request a comment on what had happened.

In a technical blog on the attack, security company Bechschild explained how the attacker managed to withdraw digital currencies by tricking the D-Force electronic system.

Essentially, the attacker managed to withdraw the coins by tricking the system that the amount had placed a deposit, while in fact it was withdrawn.


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