Pensacola Mayor says city may begin re-opening in stages May 1


Pensacola, fl

Pensacola Mayor Grover Robinson says he believes the city could gradually start re-opening on May 1.

The mayor said that details are still being worked out, but the opening would happen in stages. First, the city might relax some restrictions on recreation.

Mayor Robinson says restaurants might be allowed to open, although not to full capacity.

We ask for your patience and your cooperation in working with us to get there, he said. It’s our goal to get as many people back to work as possible, but do it in a way that continues to protect the safety of our community.

The mayor says the most important factor is being able to measure how re-opening is affecting the community.

He says the measurement should include hospital capacity, and the readiness of first responders.

Robinson is hoping for a coordinated plan with Escambia County.


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