North American countries extend travel restrictions


Pensacola, fl

Acting US Homeland Security Secretary Chad Wolf said the United States, Mexico and Canada have decided to extend restrictions on unnecessary travel across their common borders for an additional 30 days.

Wolf posted a tweet, just as President Trump said last week, border controls, travel restrictions and other restrictions remain crucial to curbing the spread of the Corona virus and allowing the country to open gradually.

On April 18, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau announced the extension of the closure of the border between Canada and the United States for an additional month as a precaution against the emerging coronavirus.

Trudeau said that the United States and Canada decided to extend the partial closure of their common border for an additional month, against the backdrop of the Vero-Corona-19 outbreak crisis.

US President Donald Trump had expressed the hope that these borders would be among the first to be reopened, while Ottawa considered it still a matter of weeks.

The longest international borders in the world, with a length of 8,900 km, were closed to all travelers, except for urgent matters, on March 21, with the outbreak of the Corona virus, but trade between the two countries continued.


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