A heinous murder in Sham Al-Naseem


Pensacola, fl

A village in the Sharkia Governorate of Egypt witnessed an unfortunate incident, in which a housewife killed her husband, in conjunction with her lover, by beating him with a heavy stick on his head to clear the atmosphere for them on the day of Sham al-Naseem

The security forces received a hospital report stating that a 35-year-old man with cerebral hemorrhage and skull fractures had arrived and that he had breathed upon his arrival

Investigations by the security forces concluded that the 28-year-old victim’s wife and her lover were behind the incident, and that they had been in a long-standing relationship and were afraid that their case would be discovered, so they agreed together to kill him so that the atmosphere was clear to them.

According to the available data, the defendants waited for the husband on the day of the accident while he was returning from work, and beat him with a heavy stick on his head several times, until he breathed and threw his body among the implants, which the families discovered and rushed to transfer him to the hospital to save him

 They were arrested and referred to the prosecutor who investigated the accident


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