State governors hardest hit by Corona tell Trump that it is too early to lift the restrictions


Pensacola, fl

The debate raged between state governors hardest hit by the emerging coronavirus in the United States and President Donald Trump over his claim that they have the capabilities to conduct sufficient tests and they have to reopen economies quickly as new protests loom over extending orders to stay at home.

I think the administration is trying to intensify the checks, they’re doing some things with the private labs,” said Republican Maryland governor Larry Hogan.

But trying to take advantage of this to say that the governors of the states have the capabilities to conduct a lot of tests and that they have to work and perform the tests, or in other words we do not do our work, this is completely false.

Democratic Party of Virginia Governor Ralph Northam said that Trump and his deputy, Mike Pence, claim that the states have a lot of checks just an illusion.

The Maryland area, Virginia and Washington, DC, are still witnessing an increase in cases despite the beginning of the decline in New York, which is the main outbreak in the United States.

Boston and Chicago are emerging as two new spots for outbreaks with increased cases and deaths.

Several states, including Ohio, Texas and Florida, have said they aim to reopen parts of their economies, perhaps by May 1 or sooner, but with apparent caution.

Trump’s guidelines for reopening the economy require the state to have seen 14 days of case numbers decline before gradually lifting restrictions, but despite this, the Republican Party president appears to be encouraging protesters who want to lift the restrictions faster than that by writing a series of Twitter tweets that invite them To the liberation of Michigan, Minnesota and Virginia run by Democratic Party governors.

The United States recorded the highest number of confirmed cases of coronavirus in the world, exceeding 744,000, while deaths reached more than 40,000 people.


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