Mum unknowingly infects 17 of her kids with COVID-19


Pensacola, fl

An American mother with 18 kids has unknowingly infected 17 of her children with coronavirus.

Brittany Jencik contracted the deadly virus in the past five weeks with 17 of her kids, some adopted, living at home.

There were no symptoms initially but when they arrived Jencik said the whole family was in a world of pain
“It’s been a tough month,” Jencik told WHAM.

“I had two days were I was extremely concerned that I was never going to be the same.”

The virus spread through the house and hit the kids even harder.

“Like a freight train,” said Jencik.

“It was terrifying. I was a little ahead of them in the timing of it all. I was as afraid of my life as I had ever been, and not much scares me.”

A month down the track and all her children are on the mend in isolation.

Jencik called her friend Matt Moreno who runs a cleaning company and said his team scrubbed the house from top to bottom to eliminate the virus which could be lingering on surfaces.

“I needed to know from my mama heart that I was protecting the people I love to the best extent I possibly could,” Jencik said.

Moreno used 12 cleaners and they wore hazmat suits.


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