Iranian Angelina Jolie infected with covid-19


The star of the Instagram site in Iran, Fatima Khishfande, who is known as the magic of Sahar Tiber or Angelinga Jolie of Iran, has contracted the Corona virus inside an Iranian prison, according to her lawyer.

Fatima became famous in Iran after posting strange pictures of her on Instagram, which she described as a zombie version of American actress Angelina Jolie.

Iranian authorities arrested Fatima in late 2019 on charges of crimes including blasphemy and incitement to violence.

The director of the prison, Mahdi Mohammadi, denied the news of Fatima Khishvand’s infection with Corona Virus Covid 19, and told the Iranian Student News Agency, “The news published by Fatima’s lawyer is incorrect and I deny it.

Iran is suffering from a large outbreak of the virus and has the highest mortality rate in the Middle East, and a Ministry of Health spokesman announced on Saturday that the new figures reach more than 5000 deaths. However, there are concerns that the true figure may be much higher than advertised.

Payam Deravshan, Fatima’s lawyer, wrote an open letter to the Iranian judiciary, which he posted on his Instagram account.

He said in the message that Fatima’s mother told him that his client had been transferred to the prison quarantine department after symptoms of HIV infection appeared.

He added that Fatima, who was still a minor girl when she committed the “crimes” she was accused of, was not eligible for provisional release because her case was still pending.

Iran released 85,000 prisoners in March, including the British of Iranian descent, Nazanin Zaghari Ratcliffe, who was working for a charity, and the decision came in an attempt to stem the spread of the virus.

Fatima, Instagram star, made headlines in 2017 when her highly-modified photos spread on Instagram. Her account has since been deleted.

Many social media users expressed concern that she may have performed 50 plastic surgeries to appear this way,


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