British 58 million pounds in the Euro million lottery


Pensacola, fl

A British citizen received a sum of more than 58 million pounds after winning a card he bought in the grand prize for the Euro Million lottery.

The winner will receive a sum of 58,366,487.50 pounds (approximately $ 73 million), after the numbers he chooses agree to the five main numbers in the drawing, as well as the two additional numbers.

The Euro Millions lottery competition, which includes many European countries, was launched in 2004, with cardholders from Britain, France, Spain, Belgium, Ireland, Portugal, Luxembourg, Switzerland and Austria participating.

The winning numbers in the draw came in the following order: 16-28-28-37-45, along with the additional digits 1 and 11.

This comes after another winner of the lottery from the South Archer region demanded the collection of his prize value within the same competition, a month after he won it, which is worth 57.8 million pounds.


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