6 months Egyptian baby Exits from the Isolation Hospital after her recovery of covid-19


Pensacola, fl

The medical team at the Quarantine Hospital in the city of Qaha in northeastern Egypt celebrated the exit of the 6-month-old girl, the youngest recovering girl from the corona in the hospital, after all the tests that were taken from her for two days in a row proved that she was the same, and completed her recovery.

And the girl here, whose name means joy and pleasure in the Arabic language spoken by the Egyptians, entered the quarantine after her infection from her mother 10 days ago and she got out after the negative of the sample was proven and was delivered to her grandmother.

While her mother is currently in quarantine, which includes 5 other children, their condition is stable and good.

The children’s immunity is strong against the emerging corona virus, according to hospital reports.

And the hospital asked the citizens to take care of eating healthy food to increase immunity, along with continuous cleaning, home purification and home commitment to limit the spread of Corona virus.


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