UAE imposes a fine of $ 5500 on anyone who publishes incorrect information about Corona


Pensacola, fl

The UAE has decided to impose a fine of 20,000 dirhams ($ 5500) to punish those who publish medical information about the Corona virus, which is inconsistent with official data.

The move apparently aims to combat the spread of misinformation and rumors related to the Covid-19 outbreak that killed 37 people in the Emirates, while the number of confirmed cases there as of Friday reached 6300 cases.

According to the government decision, any person is prohibited, based on the decision, from publishing, re-publishing or circulating false, misleading, misleading, or not officially announced health information or guidelines, using audio, print, or visual media, social media, websites, or information technology means.

Or other methods of publication or circulation.

The text of the government’s decision only refers to people without specifying whether this includes journalists or media experts.


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