Pensacola provides 11 hand-washing stations for the homeless


Pensacola, fl

 The City of Pensacola is providing hand-washing stations at 11 locations for the homeless population amid the coronavirus pandemic.

The city says it for the homeless or “those who do not have regular access to soap and water during the COVID-19 pandemic.”

The 11 locations are

Bryan Park: 1200 Langley Ave.

Loaves and Fishes: 257 E. Lee St.

Under the Interstate 110 Ramp near the Pensacola Bay Center

Bill Gregory Park: 150 N. “W” St.

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Plaza: 50 N. Palafox St.

Wyer Park: 320 W. Belmont St.

Pensacola Library: 239 N. Spring St.

Veterans Memorial Park: 200 S. 10th Ave.

Corner of Ninth Avenue and West Cervantes Street to be installed next week – subject to change

BJ’s Bus Shelter: Corner of Davis Highway and Langley Avenue to be installed next week – subject to change

Corner of Airport Boulevard and College Boulevard to be installed next week – subject to change

The hand-washing stations are being funded through District 2 Councilwoman Sherri Myers’ discretionary fund and District 6 Councilwoman Ann Hill’s discretionary fund, along with the city’s general fund.


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