Arcadia Health in Pensacola confirms staff member tested positive for COVID-19


Pensacola, fl

The Arcadia Health and Rehabilitation Center confirmed one of their staff members tested positive for COVID-19 several weeks ago.

Channel 3 News shared the story of JJ Ripsam whose mother is a patient at Arcadia.

Ripsam was frustrated, saying he believes the facility and county health officials weren’t being transparent about the case.

Channel 3 News reached out to the facility Wednesday.

Thursday the administrator of the center, Linda Langley, responded to these concerns after seeing our story.

Langley said they are being transparent with their patients, adding that Arcadia did notify them and their designated patient representatives about this positive case several weeks ago.

She said employees can’t legally share information about patients to people who aren’t designated as a point of contact.

Ripsam wants to know if his mother was potentially exposed to the virus.

To be laying in a facility in a bed, unable to move and not have the ability to know what risk you’re at. I think it’s horrible,” said Ripsam.

Langley said federal and state regulations limit the amount of information they can share in order to protect a patient or staff member’s privacy rights.

Arcadia said that the staff member has since recovered and there are no active cases of COVID-19 at the facility.

However, Langley said they are taking precautions.

The statement said employees wear protective gear and undergo screenings.

Visitors are also not allowed to go inside the building at the time.


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