Pensacola family out $3,900 after IRS deposits stimulus payments in wrong account


Pensacola, fl

The Piligian family from Pensacola is out $3,900 after Jessica found out their stimulus money ended up in a bank account she and her husband have never had.

“It was just a slap in the face,” she says.

Jessica Piligian is a mother of three. The family lives on dad’s income. Their son has severe special needs, suffering a brain tumor at just two-years-old.

She says the money promised from the federal government would’ve helped them through this pandemic.

“It’s been really really hard not having that money, especially when we were guaranteed it, Piligian says.

The Treasury Department estimates 80 million Americans were set to get their money through direct deposit starting Wednesday. Hoping her family was a part of that, Piligian launched the IRS’ new “Get My Payment” tracker.

It stated that our deposit was scheduled for April 15, 2020 into the account of — then four digits,” she says. “Those last four digits are not our account number — not even close to our account number.”

Piligian says the IRS has successfully deposited money to her account before.

We received our 2019 tax refund deposited into our correct account,” she said. It’s the only account we own!

Piligian tried calling her bank, who told her to call the IRS. But due to COVID-19, the only thing you’ll hear is:

At this time we are unable to provide live assistance due to reduced staff levels. You may continue to use self-service tools or visit our website.

The Piligian family is left without answers. Jessica now fears there’s nothing left to do but wait.

We’re really at a loss of words for what to do, she says. We’re out of that money and have no idea if it can even be resolved.

Channel 3 reached out to the IRS media line asking how a mistake like this could be made and what they’re doing to combat it from happening again.

We have not received a response.


    • This happen to my daughter. I told her to look at her tax returns. Turn out it went to 3rd party that distributed funds to tax preparer. They sent out a letter to tax payer stating they will send money back to irs to be distributed to the affected parties individual accounts. Hopee this help.

    • same here going thru the same i think they did irs know what they’re doing they deposit the money into a account that i dont have

    • Same thing happened
      April 15th. 3 days later I checked to see if it was going to say it was going to be sent in the mail.. nope. They resent it to the same old no-good account now 9ts saying april24th. How many times are they going to resend to.the same account??


  2. Im going thri the same thing. My family of 5 and i was depending on that money as well.. Now we are just lost for words and very confused as to how the problem will be fixed.

    • The first time i checked with “get my payment portal” it says mine was deposited April 15, but to my dismay it was to the wrong account, then i checked again on April 18, it says my money will be deposited on april 24th but again the last 4 digit of the account is not mine, same last 4 in april 15 notification. I really don’t understand what is happening, i need some answers please!!

  3. I am going through the same thing. My check was deposited into an account that was not mine but had the last 4 of my social. It was sent to a bank that my taxpayer had used for them to get there fees out of there. No, I never did an advance not my taxes but somehow my stimulus check was sent to there account. I called the bank they used. I found out the name of there bank by looking up the routing that was on my paper work. I finally got hold of someone and she said the money was sent back to the IRS. How am I supposed to know that for sure, if we can’t contact them. So what am I supposed to do me and my grandbaby need that money since I had to close my Daycare.

  4. I read yesterday about a man that they had deposited his in somebody’s a count, that he don’t know. They never told him they would send him another one or try to get his back from the other person. It stated too that 2 different people went to Arms to get their money out of their accounts and they way too much money deposited in their accounts. They thought they would go back in their account and get all that money. It didn’t work for them. The IRS had already taken the no at back out of their accounts. I also read where some people said the called about their checks and they weren’t in their accounts The stimulus payments went to their tax preparers. The preparers told that they sent them back to the IRS or Treasury one. That’s just going to hold up their payments even longer
    It’s just a mess this time. I got mine the last time when the government shut down. I don’t remember all of this trouble than.

  5. Same thing happen to me as well an account number that’s not even close to mine am I’m about 8 an a half months pregnant an I have a 4 yr old that money I really needed right now. It jus crazy how we can’t get no answers behind when we will receive ours cuz this isn’t our fault we have our right accounts on our taxes their jus moving too quick n looking at the first thing they see I guess smh

  6. I was going to use the new site to add my direct deposit but hearing all this I’ll just wait on my check in the mailbox. SMH…..

  7. Most of these problems are because of outside tax help providers who used temporary bank account so they would receive their fees from your tax refunds for preparing your taxes. Those accounts were closed after the H&R Block type companies got their money.

  8. The IRS got it all wrong and not the Tax Preparers. Below is an email communication directly from MetaBank. News Break please update your story.

    Economic Impact Payments (EIP)
    April 15, 2020

    The IRS has stated that they will be sending EIP payments directly to the individual recipients. However, we have seen what appear to be EIP deposits sent from the IRS to us for around 15% of our total customer base. These payments should not have been deposited to our bank and we have set in place an automated process to return these payments quickly to allow the IRS to deliver them directly to individuals.

    We want to ensure you have the tools to answer your customer’s questions about these payments.

    If your customer sees on Get My Payment that their deposit was inadvertently sent to their temporary account with EPS:

    This payment has been returned to the IRS. Neither EPS nor you, as their preparer, have access to this payment or any information about it. Payment will be made directly by the IRS. All questions and updates to consumer information need to be directed to the IRS.

    When will the IRS be reissuing these payments to the customer? How will they be reissuing?

    We have a process in place to quickly return those payments to the IRS for distribution to the recipient. Our system and agents do not have visibility into these payments. It historically takes the IRS 7-10 business days to have visibility into the returned funds. Please contact the IRS directly for further details.

    What can I provide to my customers with this information?

    We understand that there is a lot of confusion surrounding the EIP payments. To help you help your customers, we’re put together this one-page overview with frequently asked questions and IRS contact information.

    EPS logo
    © 2020 EPS Financial®, a division of MetaBank®, N.A. All rights reserved.

  9. Mines did the sames thing I have a house of 6 car payment they trying to take my van now be I been out of work bout a month it’s killing me never been behind on my bills then I a had deposit for the 15th they send it back to the IRS I check the status again this morning now it’s saying the 24th but got the same account number so it’s going back to tax preparer account again wat is going


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