New York is the lowest death toll in Corona in 10 days


Pensacola, fl

New York State authorities have announced 606 new deaths from the new Corona virus “Covid-19” during the past 24 hours, the lowest daily death toll in the state in 10 days.

New York Governor Andrew Como confirmed that the total number of deaths due to corona in the state has reached 12,192

Como pointed out that the number of Corona patients who entered state hospitals during the last day decreased from 2753 to 1996 compared to yesterday’s rates, due to the high number of patients who no longer need respirators for the fourth day in a row.

The number of people with corona in the intensive care departments in the state decreased by 134 during the last day.

In general, the number of people with corona in New York hospitals during the last 24 hours decreased from 18,835 to 17,735.

Meanwhile, Como stressed that the progress the state authorities have made in their battle against the Corona virus is not sufficient to ease restrictions imposed until April 29 to curb the spread of the epidemic, stressing that he intends to extend these measures until at least May 15 in coordination with the governors of other affected states.

New York remains the largest focal point for “Covid-19” in the United States, as it has so far generally recorded more than 31,000 deaths and 640,000 injuries.


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