Egypt begins testing the drug Avigan on 50 patients of coronavirus


Pensacola, fl

Egypt announced that it had started testing Japanese drug used against the Corona virus, by testing it on 50 patients in health isolation hospitals, days after receiving samples of the drug from Japan.

Mohamed Awad Tag El Din, Advisor to the Egyptian President for Health and Preventive Affairs, said that the drug Avigan was given to 50 patients in a number of medical centers, to know whether it has an effect or not.

He added that it is known that the incubation period of the virus extends up to 14 days and may extend in some cases, explaining that after clinical trials, it was found that Avijan shortened the incubation period to four days, as the Chinese said, where their experiences showed that severe or very severe cases achieve a better result using this The property.

Tajuddin, a former minister of health and a professor of chest diseases, added that Avigan was made for the first time in Japan in 2014 and is trading as a drug there against regular influenza, but that Tag El Din, recently tested it as a drug against corona, stressing that up to this point there is no medicine against this virus and all attempts Current relies on the use of old drugs.


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