Corona deaths in United States exceed 33,000


Pensacola, fl

A statistic showed that newborn Corona virus deaths in the United States exceeded 33,000, with President Donald Trump announcing directions to restart the economy.

The United States is the country most affected by corona in the world, with the number of deaths doubling in one week.

The number of deaths has increased by nearly 2,200 and a number of states have not released statistics yet, compared to a record increase of 2,507 deaths yesterday.

And the measures of public isolation have caused great damage to the country’s economy to levels not seen since the Great Depression nearly a century ago, with more than 20 million Americans seeking unemployment benefits.

The total number of cases of Covid-19 disease, caused by the virus, was more than 665,000 on Thursday, after an increase of about 28,000. On Wednesday, new infections increased by 30,000.


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