596 Egyptians recoveries from Covid 19


Pensacola, fl

The Egyptian Ministry of Health announced that the number of cases of corona virus recovery has increased to 596 cases.

The ministry confirmed the exit of 43 persons infected with the Corona virus from isolation and quarantine hospitals, including 3 foreigners, after receiving the necessary medical care and recovery, according to the guidelines of the World Health Organization, bringing the total of those recovering from the virus to 596 cases until today.

The number of cases whose results of laboratory analyzes turned from positive to negative for Corona virus increased to 781 cases, including the 596 recoverers.

He added that 168 new cases that proved positive for laboratory analysis of the virus, all of them Egyptians, were registered as part of the ministry’s surveillance and investigation procedures, according to WHO guidelines, pointing to the death of 13 cases.

85% of Egyptians infected with Corona virus do not need any treatment and are hospitalized by themselves, Director of the World Health Organization office in Cairo, Dr. John Jabour said

Mujahid stated that the total number of newly infected Coronavirus, which was registered in Egypt until Thursday, is 2,673 cases, including 596 cases that have been cured and discharged from isolation hospitals, and 196 deaths, most of them are elderly and chronic disease patients.


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