After he had completely recovered from coronavirus … he died of a heart attack


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British citizen Dom Mirex awoke from his sleep in good health, after recovering from infection with the Corona virus, and tweeted at his Twitter account thanking the British National Health Service.

But minutes later, he suddenly fell to the ground

He asked his wife Sara and his 10-year-old daughter Elie to quickly call the ambulance service

Mirex remained in the hands of his wife and daughter until the ambulance came, but the first-aid attempts to save his life in the ambulance for 20 minutes were unsuccessful.

Mirex, 48, arrived at Queen Alexandra Hospital in southeastern Portsmouth, a dead body, after it was found that he had an acute heart attack that led to his death.

“He got up as usual and wanted to take a shower, said family friend Rachel Hebert, speaking about what happened on the morning of his death. He looked completely fine and then a sensation occurred.

She asked his daughter to open the windows, because he was feeling short of breath. Then he sent a text message to his wife Sarah in order to help him.

Hebert followed Sarah down to the basement and found him breathing hard and when the paramedics arrived he put him on the cart and asked him to sleep on his back, but he couldn’t

Mirex was completely isolated due to having been infected with the Corona virus for about two weeks, and his health was constantly improving until the days before his death.

Hebert called on people to follow the advice and take the disease seriously.

She said: People think that this will not happen to them, because they do not show any symptoms of the disease or the most important young people. Mirex had been in good health yet he died.

Hebert launched a social media page to raise funds to help pay for the funeral of Mirex, who lost his job at an energy company weeks before his death.

This incident comes at a time when the death of Corona virus in the United Kingdom increased to more than 12 thousand cases, while the number of people infected with the virus reached more than 93 thousand people.


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