The US Secretary of Defense confirms that China is withholding information about the Corona virus


Pensacola, fl

China is still withholding information related to the Corona virus needed to tackle the epidemic globally, US Defense Secretary Mark Esper said in a television interview on Wednesday, calling on Beijing to exchange data.

If the Chinese had more transparency early on and exchanged more data, we would have had a better understanding of this virus and then how to deal with it,” Esber said.

Until today we see them withholding information, so I think we need to do more and continue to pressure them to participate, he said

US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has described President Donald Trump’s decision to suspend his country’s funding for the World Health Organization as foolish and dangerous and will be addressed.

Pelosi said in the President’s cessation of funding for the World Health Organization while leading the global war on the epidemic of the Coronavirus is a foolish and dangerous and illegal decision and it will be addressed quickly


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