Aldi change shopping rules


Pensacola, fl

Budget supermarket Aldi has announced it will lift several measures that were put in place to help stores deal with an unprecedented rise in demand.

The chain, like many others, had introduced buying restrictions, social distancing measures and limited opening hours to cope with the pressure.

However, from today changes will be rolled out in stores a

Aldi CEO Giles Hurley said in a letter to customers this weekend.

Product restrictions on all items will be lifted from today, Mr Hurley said, meaning customers can now buy as much UHT milk, nappies or toilet roll as they need.

Customers were previously limited to two or three items of these ‘essential’ products.

Mr Hurley said: “We have good availability across all of our stores” thanks to hard work from staff and customers only buying what they need.

Store opening times will also be extended with all stores now staying open until 10pm from Monday to Saturday.

Normal Sunday hours will remain in place, while customers are being encouraged to shop later in the day when stores are quieter.

“Our shelves are now well stocked throughout the day, so there is no need to visit stores first thing in the morning,” Mr Hurley said.

Priority shopping hours will be extended for all Blue Light card holders, which includes care workers as well as NHS staff, who will have access to stores 30 minutes early on Sundays.

Aldi continues to encourage customers to use contactless payment, which is now possible up to $50, in order to reduce contact in store.

Mr Hurley signed off his letter by saying n the meantime I want to extend my gratitude not only to our amazing Aldi colleagues and the incredible NHS, but to all key workers who continue to inspire the nation every single day.


  1. Go Aldi. This was a very wise and needed change. Your management is exceptional. I enjoy shopping in Aldi and we continue to patronize it. Thank you for operating under the American way of life, liberty and happiness.

  2. I hope people respect certain limits so everyone can have a piece of the pie. I hope American way of life doesn’t mean greed and hoarding.
    I was happy with the limits and will be happy without limits if people stay civilized, which is also American way of life!

  3. I’ve tried 2 buy only what we’ve needed. during this time. if i couldn’t find it I went without. my needs & most wants have been supplied. thanks for remaining open. Marcia

  4. I love my Ashtabula Aldi’s . I can get some really great bargains there. Looking forward to being able to shop there again.

  5. We love our Aldi store. It was the first in our area to implement immediate cart disinfecting and the option for customers to use the same cart for shopping as for packing their groceries. Shields as well as squirt disinfectant at all registers havecontributed to Aldi always having customer and employee health and safety at the fore front. Additionally, Aldi was the first grocer in our area to grant employees additional pay for their additional risk and work. Aldi is and always will be our primary grocery store. 😷🙏

  6. Yes on certain things,toilet paper,Bleach,Clorox wipes, hand sanitizer gels,diapers, wipes,water cases, and then open Aldi’s in Colorado springs please

  7. I love the Virginia Minnesota Aldi store…so glad to have you in our town. The size if the store suits me well and the excellent products and prices has me shopping for most of my items and trying a lot of unique foods.

  8. Your Chesterfield, MO store is the best. Through the recent months staff has been as accommodating as usual. The store has been kept stocked & as clean & organized as ever.
    It appears to me your manager there is excrptional. The staff is always helpful and efficient.
    Kudos to the manager.

  9. I hope you cut back any items you have been purchasing from China!!! Love your store great Value pleasant hard working employees very helpful So Florida area stores and Middletown NY👍Read all about your business model on the internet

  10. Love Aldi’s In Mt. Dora, Florida ! All workers are knowledgeable, caring and go out of their way. Display is great and the store is extra clean. Prices and inventory great!


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