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Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, effective immediately, Walmart is adopting a staggered shopping schedule based on age.

Walmart is offering special hours for seniors but has not designated times for people to shop by age group.

 Stores around the U.S. _ including Walmart _ are offering special hours to cater to seniors, who experts have said could be more vulnerable to the new coronavirus.

But a post circulating on Facebook, which features logos for Walmart and Sam’s Club, falsely states that the discount retailer is establishing shopping days based on age groups. The post apologizes for any inconvenience before breaking out when age groups can shop; Monday age 66+, Tuesday 56-65, Wednesday 46-55, Thursday 36-45, Friday 25-35, Saturday 24 and below, Sunday shopping emergency only.

Rebecca Thomason, a Walmart spokeswoman, said in an email that the staggered shopping schedule featured in the posts is false.

Walmart has revised its shopping hours to provide for greater social distancing during the coronavirus pandemic. They are posted on the company’s website.

Walmart stores will host an hour-long senior shopping event every Tuesday for customers aged 60 and older. This will start one hour before the store opens, the company states on its site.

Walmart is not the only chain store to accommodate seniors with special hours. Stores like Publix are also offering special hours for seniors to shop on specified days.

Senior citizens have been largely affected by the coronavirus pandemic.


  1. I want to find out I am 59 years old I have COPD degenerative disc disease and other medical issues I am on disability have been on disability since 1997 when am I able to shop

    • I feel for you. With your issues, I’d have someone pick up what I need. I wouldn’t go in the store at any hour. COPD is a horrible disease.

    • My local Walmart told me I could shop during the time for seniors. I am 51 but have a multitude of health issue plus I am immuniocompromized. I’m disabled as well and needed my son to help the last time and they were more than gracious in allowing us to shop. My son is worried that if he shops during other times, since I have to drive him, that he’s taking a huge chance in bringing it home although we are extremely careful and follow all of the recommendations and guidelines.

  2. Being in a high risk pregnancy, is it still practice for those of us in higher risk to shop during the hour before opening as well?

  3. I’m 63 and I can’t stand outside, in lines I have Emphysema, severe COPD, arthritis thru my whole body. My roommate is almost 10 years younger than I, he does not drive. If either one of us have to shop, I’m not making different days to get what we need. This is all so extreme, absolutely unreal.

  4. On Tuesday at 6AM Walmart has shopping for seniors 60+, then at 7am it’s for everyone. There is no age restrictions for shopping at Walmart. If you’re high risk you can use Walmart’s Online Grocery Pickup and order your groceries online and pick them up at curbside outside where someone will bring it to your car (completely contactless). Some Walmart’s have Online Grocery delivery depending on the store. Also you can use and order your groceries delivered to you. They can’t send any frozen, chilled or produce products via Hope this helps?.

  5. I can’t believe your treating people like cows anyway,I won’t stand in a line,I use pick up,I’m 61 high risk,standing in line with a group is dangerous,I won’t be back till this is over

  6. I don’t understand why you have to make the time for seniors SO Early! We have a hard time getting up and getting started with all the aches and pains that we have , you should make our time at 7: o’clock at least. Then start others at 8:30 or 9: o’clock.

    • I agree…! Most seniors don’t sleep very well plus have physical problems so it’s way to hard to get up at 4:30 or 5AM to go shopping 🛒 by 6AM!!!! It won’t happen here! I have no problem staying away from Walmart and I do not do on line nor will I be subjecting anyone else to this “mess” there are so many other stores are available!!!

  7. Walmart it’s so sad you won’t be able to please everyone there will be bickering,I do appreciate all that you are doing for us seniors.And people will not like it that’s the sad part,look for all kinds of illness once you have made that decision,I think it’s good because me being a senior I know just what I’m in there for and leave right out,Thank you a may God bless🙏🌷

  8. Staggered shopping by age is false for Walmart. Shopping online and let the employee shop for you and load in your car is excellent option in these times. Check out Instacart. Delivers to your door. I think some Walmart’s and Winn Dixies will deliver also. I am high risk and using home delivery. So far wonderful experiences. Praying for all for safety and good health!

    • Lucky you, I’m 73 and many health conditions. I try and try to order from Walmart online and have delivered or pick up. 60% of what I want is always out of stock. I’ve tried for 5 weeks to get toilet paper, milk, eggs, bread, my shampoo, etc. very disappointed in the.

  9. What plan do u have in place for our truck drivers and other essential workers that can not get off of work or to the store on a designated age specific days because I don’t hear or see anything in place to take care of the people who are taking care of us.

  10. What plan do u have in place for our truck drivers and other essential workers that can not get off of work or to the store on a designated age specific days because I don’t hear or see anything in place to take care of the people who are taking care of us.

  11. My husband is 66 n am 50 with lots of health issues can I go in with him cause I always pick out wat we need n my husband pushes cart cause I have to use a electric cart I’ll bring proof I’ve got alot of things wrong with me I mean others stores doin this n lettin peps in with autoimmune disorders

  12. I’m 67 and have heart disease, I order my groceries online. It’s a great service and I plan on continuing to use it. I like Walmart, but one hour a week for senior citizens is ridiculous. One of my friends went and said the local neighborhood market was packed. At minimum stores should have at least an hour and a half on 3 days a week say Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.

  13. I get groceries by pick orders. Cannot get eggs..milk..toilet paper..paper towels.some meats..water..very frustrating. I am 63 and immunocompromised.. I try to get pick up time and I usually have to wait a week..

  14. I’m70n i can’t get to the at7am because i to take a bus n it’s not vary convent because they now make get on an off buy the back doors


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