The healing included an American pregnant woman and her husband after the quarantine in the Emirates ended


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The healing included the American, Hannah O’Reilly, who is six months pregnant and her husband in the Emirates after being separated by the epidemic of Coronavirus when she was forced to stay alone in the United States and then spent 11 days in quarantine in a hotel in the Emirates

“Here we go to freedom,” 29-year-old O’Reilly said as she walked out of her room at the Radisson Blu Hotel in Abu Dhabi, the capital of the United Arab Emirates, last week where she was recording her life with video while she was staying at the hotel on her mobile phone.

O’Reilly, who works as a school and is residing in the Emirates, was visiting her family in New Jersey when the UAE suspended air passenger flights as part of the measures it took to stop the spread of the Corona virus. As for her British husband, he remained in Dubai.

In a video clip on her mobile phone, she talks about her growing concerns about the costs of being stuck indefinitely in the United States while she is pregnant and not covered by health insurance while the rapid spread of Covid-19 virus due to infection across the country.

“Once my travel insurance was over, I was in a hot spot from Covid 19, and hospitals are filling up quickly, she said. I was really facing a financial crisis.

After the UAE media shed light on her condition, the UAE authorities agreed to board a plane to evacuate Emirates citizens from Washington, DC.

O’Reilly expressed her gratitude for her rescue and recounted her experience at her expense on Instagram as she also highlighted other residents in the Emirates who have become stuck abroad.

Expatriates make up about 80 percent of the UAE population, which recorded 4,123 cases of corona and 22 deaths.

With most flights suspended and the curfew entered into force, many hotels offered to turn into quarantine centers after their numbers of tourists and travelers on mission to companies decreased.

When O’Reilly arrived in the UAE, tests showed she was not infected with the Corona virus but was not allowed to leave her hotel room because of the quarantine rules and officials were measuring her temperature every day.

Through the observation opening in the door of her hotel room, she saw workers wearing masks spraying carpets with antiseptics daily.

Her husband was forced to obtain permission to leave his home to receive it from the hotel under the 24-hour curfew rules in Dubai to limit the spread of the virus.

O’Reilly said she was affected by the messages of UAE nationals, which she had received, welcoming her return and expressing their happiness with her presence among them.


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