An American sailor from an aircraft carrier crew dies due Coronaviruis


Pensacola, fl

An American sailor died after he was infected with the emerging coronavirus in the first death of a crew member, Theodore Roosevelt, whose outbreak occurred.

The aircraft carrier captain, Brett Cruiser, had called on the naval command in a clear letter to take stronger measures to save the lives of his sailors and stop the spread of the virus on board.

To date, about 585 sailors on board the nuclear-powered aircraft carrier have been infected with the virus. About 4,000 sailors were transported from the aircraft carrier to facilities in Guam where the ship docked, after the number of casualties increased.

The aircraft carrier commander’s speech led to a series of developments that led to his dismissal and the resignation of Acting US Secretary of State Thomas Moodley last week.

Moody’s resignation came after mounting criticism of Cruz’s dismissal and his derision of him.

The US Navy said in a statement that the sailor who had entered intensive care in Guam died after suffering complications related to his illness.

This is the first death of a member of the US Navy, whose number has been infected with the virus among nearly 900 people so far, and it is also the first death of an American military servant.


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