Another 103 US aircraft carrier crew was infected with the Corona virus


Pensacola, fl

The US Navy said that tests had confirmed that 103 other crew members, Theodore Roosevelt, were infected with the Corona virus.

The Navy said that 92 percent of the crew members of the carrier were examined, with 550 of them positive and 3673 negative. She added that 3696 were taken to shore.

On Friday, the Navy recorded 447 positive cases, compared to 416 on Thursday.
The outbreak of the virus on the nuclear-powered carrier led to the resignation of Thomas Moodley from the position of Acting Secretary of the Navy in the wake of a growing response to his dismissal and ridicule the aircraft carrier commander after he asked for help in eliminating the virus outbreak on the carrier.

A sailor was transferred from the carrier to the intensive care unit in Guam after he was infected with the Coruna virus last month.


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