109 k deaths around the world due COVID-19


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The new Corona virus has claimed the lives of at least 109,307 people worldwide since its outbreak at the end of December in China.

More than 1780,750 cases have been officially diagnosed in 193 countries and regions since the epidemic began. This number reflects only a portion of the number of those who are physically injured. In many countries, screening tests for injury remain confined to cases requiring hospital care.

Among the injured, at least 359,200 people have recovered.

Since the last census, Friday, there have been 6,205 deaths and 81,219 new infections worldwide.

The United States is the country most affected by the epidemic, whether in terms of the number of deaths or the number of injuries, and the outcome since the first death from Covid-19 at the end of February, to 20,608 deaths out of 53, 0006 injuries, while the US authorities announced the recovery of 32,110 patients.

The country most affected after the United States is Italy with 19,468 deaths out of 152,271 injuries, then Spain with 16,972 deaths out of 166,019 injuries, France with 13,832 deaths out of 129,654 injuries, and the United Kingdom with 9,875 deaths out of 7,8991 injuries.

Mainland China (excluding Macao and Hong Kong), where the virus first appeared at the end of December, recorded a total of 82,052 infections (99 new cases between Saturday and Sunday), including 3339 deaths (no new deaths recorded), while 77575 people recovered.


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