New Jersey records more than 250 new deaths due covid-19


Pensacola, fl

New Jersey State Governor Phil Murphy has announced that health authorities have recorded 251 new deaths from the state’s corona virus, bringing the total number of deaths to 2183.

He added that the number of HIV infections increased by 3599 cases, to a total of 58,151 infections.

He pointed out that 7,618 people are undergoing treatment in hospitals, of which 1746 are in intensive care units, while 1650 are treated with ventilators.

Statistics had previously reported that newborn Corona virus deaths in the United States had outpaced Italy, after 19,600 cases were recorded.

Public health experts have warned that the number of deaths in the United States could rise to 200,000 during the summer if restrictions on staying at home are lifted.

Globally, official data recorded more than 1.6 million confirmed cases infected with the Corona virus, while the death toll exceeded 106,000 deaths


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