Dutch woman 107 years the world’s largest survivor of the Corona


Pensacola, fl  

A 107 year old Dutch woman has become the world’s largest survivor of the emerging pandemic virus, Corona, probably after she recovered from the disease.

Cornelia Ras was infected with the virus on March 17, the day after her 107th birthday

After attending a mass with other residents of a nursing home on the island of Jöre-Overfalke, southwest of the Netherlands, after which it was confirmed that she and forty others were ill.

12 of that group have since died, but doctors have told Ras that she has overcome the disease.

Her nurse did not expect to be saved, she said she does not take any medications, walk well and kneel on her knees every evening, to thank the Lord.

You will still seem able to continue to do so

Before Cornelia Ras, the world’s largest corona survivor was an American 104 years old.


  1. “largest” survivor? How big is she? (It’s good news, and deserves to be published, but please proofread before doing so, because the author obviously doesn’t know how to properly utilize the English language.)


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