50 million subscribers Disney’s new TV broadcast service


And when Disney Plus last released its viewership numbers, in February it had reached 26.5 million subscribers.

Since then, this number has almost doubled, due to the increase in numbers of Internet callers and their stay at home as part of procedures to contain the outbreak of the Coronavirus.

The Disney Plus service, which competes with Netflix and Amazon Prime, was launched in the United Kingdom and other parts of Europe last month.

The three broadcasting platforms witnessed a significant increase in viewership rates, after the closure of cinemas, and people were forced to stay at home.

We’re really humbled because Disney Plus has resonated with millions around the world, said Disney spokesman Kevin Meyer

The number of subscriptions increased in India, which witnessed the launch of Disney Plus, as the service gained 8 million new subscribers there.

After the announcement, Disney shares jumped 7 percent on Wall Street.

The entertainment group was severely affected by the global epidemic of Corona, as it had to close down its theme parks around the world.

She also had to stop producing new content and delay launching movies like Mulan and Black Widow.

Disney Plus is still behind both Netflix and Amazon Prime videos in terms of global subscription numbers.

Netflix, which gained nearly nine million subscribers, during the fourth quarter of 2019. More than 167 million paid subscriptions were registered, at the end of last year.

Amazon now has more than 150 million viewers. However, Disney Plus, which offers movies and TV shows from Disney, Pixar, Star Wars and National Geographic, has grown much faster than its competitors.

Disney plus has achieved in five months what it took Netflix seven years to achieve, says film industry analyst Chris Fenton.

Disney Plus has all the ammunition needed to bypass Netflix. If any US TV broadcast service can reach 1.4 billion people in China, it is Disney Plus.”


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