Walmart app 20% higher than Amazon due covid-19


Record your online grocery shopping order in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic that sent grocery delivery and delivery applications on charts. As a result, Walmart Grocery achieved the highest level ever in downloads – it ranked first in all U.S shopping apps on April, and Amazon exceeded 20%, according to a new analysis from the App Appie App Annie.

Citing data from the Google Play Store and Apple App Store combined the company said that the Walmart Grocery app has held this No. 1 position for at least two days. While App Annie data was calculated on April 7, 2020, Walmart Grocery is still 1 on Google Play and it is now 2 in the App Store

Increased interest in Walmart Grocery may complicate Walmart’s plans to get rid of Walmart’s standalone app merging instead into the flagship mobile app and website.

Earlier in March before government closures and quarantine spread Walmart announced a new strategy that makes online grocery shopping a part of’s all in one and Walmart mobile app

Ultimately, the goal was to end the completely separate grocery experience after customers convert.

There are multiple benefits to this plan, including the ability to direct marketing dollars in promoting only one Walmart app, instead of two. It can also help increase sales across departments, as grocery shoppers may choose to purchase other items in the store and Walmart shoppers may discover the grocery option while browsing the site in search of something else. In addition, millions of Walmart Grocery customers will be switched to the main app, which enhances their order in app stores.

However, the COVID-19 health crisis changed things a little. As of April 5, 2020, the Walmart Grocery app has seen a 460% growth in average daily downloads compared to its performance in January 2020. This indicates an increase in the number of new customers to Walmart Grocery who may not have previously submitted an order for groceries online.

A Walmart spokesman, who was contacted for comment, said the company was still planning to integrate the applications.

We pay great attention to customer feedback and make adjustments as needed, as we know receipt and delivery are now more important than ever, they added.

Walmart Grocery is not the only shopping app growing due to increased demand amid COVID-19.

A previous report from Apptopia in March saw Walmart, Instacart, and Shipt grocery climb the charts.

Overall, demand for retail delivery is now increasing as global downloads of the shopping app reached 106 million during the week from March 29 to April 4, 2020, App Annie says – that’s 15% more than the weekly average in January 2020. Downloads in The United States alone was 14.4 million – an increase of 20% over the same period. While the Walmart Grocery Leap was much larger (460%), Amazon also saw 20% growth in average daily downloads starting in January.

App Annie found that even the internal Walmart app that employee faces is growing.

The Me @ Walmart app for partners using the Walmart scheduling system grew 220% on Android phones during the week of March 22 compared to the previous four weeks. This reflects the increased demand for store workers during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Walmart had said in March that it plans to employ 150,000 new employees in both its stores and order fulfillment centers to help them meet the growing demand for e-commerce and delivery orders. Since the March announcement, Wal-Mart has said it hires around 5,000 new employees per day and may exceed the original figure of 150,000. While Walmart’s intention was to hire these workers on a more temporary basis, you may find that things do not return to “normal” any time soon. Online newcomers may discover that it’s an easier and less dangerous way to shop now, and they will continue to do so even when closings are lifted.


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