Where to buy toilet paper Retailers still have stock


Pensacola, Florida

Short caught? Until the last toilet paper roll … or worse, have you ever found yourself trying to be creative with toilet roll alternatives? One of the unexpected effects on this epidemic is that many areas are also grappling with a shortage of broken toilet paper. Since the close took effect, people have been buying in bulk that toilet paper manufacturers cannot keep up with (it’s a similar situation with products like hand sanitizer, face masks, and Clorox wipes).

We’ve put in place some legal process and searched for places where you can order a toilet paper bundle in the UK, USA and Australia.

If you are reading this in the US, we have bad news and good news. The bad news is that everywhere in stock is not available for delivery right now – although we are of course monitoring the situation and we will update this article as soon as more is available.

Here’s some good news: more toilet paper is coming, according to Kimberly-Clark, the toilet paper manufacturer behind major brands like Cottonelle and Scott. “We are working around the clock to help bring these essential products to the shelf,” said Arist Masturides, representative of Kimberly-Clark North America, to CNBC Make It.

Our teams see those empty shelves working hard, and safely, to make sure the gap is closed.

Although it may not be comfortable news for readers who have reached their last lap, unless you have a little bit of time left, please avoid buying panic for every package you come across. In order for inventory levels to return to normal, everyone needs to stop stocking up. As Mastorides says, It is up to how consumers buy and how to get involved

In the UK, the picture is a little better now, but the message remains: Please buy responsibly.

If you have had enough to survive the epidemic, on the other side, and for many years to come, this is a lot.

Read on for a guide to online retailers who still have stock of toilet paper available for delivery. In the UK, many supermarket delivery slots are booked (see our guide to which supermarkets still have delivery slots available? For more information on this), we have searched for some independent and alternative online stores where you can still order toilet paper for delivery.


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