Walmart limits the number of shoppers at stores


Pensacola, Florida

Walmart stores, including all their locations in Gaston County, have begun reducing the number of shoppers in their stores by following recommendations from medical professionals about the social divergence of the current Corona Virus pandemic.

Walmart is beginning to determine how many customers can be in a store at once. The stores now allow no more than five customers per 1,000 square feet at a given time, roughly 20 percent of the store’s capacity.

 There were two dedicated entrances at Walmart Supercenters on Franklin Square in Gastonia and Hawley Street in Belmont.

The shoppers, about half of them wearing masks, were seen in every store across the defined lines and there was a Walmart assistant at each entrance watching the number of people entering and leaving the store. There were no people standing in line at any store around 3:30 pm.

While many of our clients have been following the medical community’s advice regarding social distance and safety, we are concerned that some behaviors continue to be seen in our stores that exposes our employees to undue risks,” said Dacuna Smith, Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer of Walmart US in Press release

Once in store, Walmart also established one-way movement through walkways in a number of stores, using floor and direction signs from colleagues.

We expect this will help more customers avoid close contact with others while shopping, said Smith.

There are also signs inside the stores to remind customers of the need to maintain social spacing – especially in lines. Once clients are reviewed, they are directed out of a different door than their entry, which would help reduce the cases of people passing through each other closely.

We always want people to feel welcome in Walmart, and we know that in normal times the store is a gathering place for community members to communicate and socialize.

We are looking forward to a time when this will be the case again; however, we now want to prioritize health and safety by encouraging customers to do their shopping at a distance from others, then back home


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