Alanis Morissette talks about postpartum Depression and anxiety


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Singer Alanis Morissette stars in the May cover of the American magazine Health. In the interview, published on Alanis, mother of Ever, nine, Onyx, three, and Winter

eight months, talked about her experience with postpartum depression. With my first two children, it was mostly depression, thoughts suicidal and anxiety. But the depression was so in my face that the anxiety was just background music – she said.

With the last child, it was different

It was mostly anxiety and almost no depression. I came to understand that this is purely animal. With breastfeeding, your oxytocin increases a lot. So cortisol increases a lot, because you’re trying to protect the baby from a potential saber-toothed tiger.

You have these two competing hormones. Ideally, we should be accommodated with, like, 51 other women, with broths, soups and heat while the body is rebuilding itself, just as your identity is rebuilding itself. Cut to modern times, where the world is very masculine, very alpha, which is quite the opposite – he reflected.

The singer also shared how to talk about mental health and therapy with children

We talked about therapy all the time. “Where’s Daddy going? Oh, he’s going to therapy. What is therapy? Oh, therapy is where someone really helps you understand your heart, your soul, your mind, your history and your thoughts.” It is important for me to let them feel all the time. I want to give them the feeling that they are not alone, that I am right here.

Asked why she decided to pose for the cover photo of the magazine breastfeeding her son, she replied

Because I love women. I love mothers so much. If I talk about it too much

I will start to cry. I just think that mothers are so selfless day after day. Women are devastating all the time. And they often suffer silently, or not so quietly, and still remain functional. And if there can be a moment of rest that my mood around the subject or my validation can help, that’s why I did it


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