Walmart, Target and more stores stop selling non-core items


Pensacola, Florida

Big retailers like Walmart, Target, and Costco will no longer be allowed to sell unnecessary items like games, clothes, and more to customers in stores in Vermont.

The state’s Trade and Community Development Agency said the step was taken to reduce the number of people who come to stores amid a coronavirus outbreak.

“Big retailers” The Big Fund “are generating great shopping traffic by virtue of their size and diversity of goods offered in one place,” Minister Lindsay Corley said in a statement. “This volume of traffic significantly increases the risk of this dangerous virus spreading to Vermonters and the viability of the Vermont healthcare system.”

The stores will still be open to basic items like food and medicine, but things like arts and crafts, beauty, carpets, floors, clothes, consumer electronics, books, music, movies, furniture, home, garden, jewelry, pain, and photocopying services, equipment and sports should be sold online only, over the phone, or by delivery or Capture.

Retailers are required to restrict access to these items, either by closing lanes or parts of the store, or removing them from the floor.

 “We direct these stores to put public health first and help us reduce the number of shoppers by ordering online purchases, delivering and picking up merchandise whenever possible, and stopping the sale of non-essential items.”

The announcement came after an executive order from state governor Scott, who stated that only retailers catering to the most basic humanitarian needs still allowed hosting clients in person.

That list included grocery stores, pharmacies, fuel products, and supply and hardware stores, although home improvement centers have ordered the closing of showrooms and garden sections.

Stores like Target, Walmart and Costco have taken all individual precautions against coronavirus, including Target’s announcement last week that they will provide non-surgical masks and gloves to employees, and that they will monitor the number of people allowed in stores.

Walmart installed sneezing guards and social distance signs in stores, and also said it would start making gloves and masks available to employees. The company also began regulating access to no more than five customers per 1,000 square feet.

Meanwhile, Costco was limiting the number of people allowed to enter, and hours were reserved from 8 in the morning to 9 in the morning for clients aged 60 and over.

there were 512 confirmed and 22 deaths attributable to the Coruna virus in Vermont, there were 336,776 and 9,655 deaths in the United States.


  1. All these stores have to do is only let one family member in the store at time no kids no teen ages they don’t need to be in there passing gems every where and touching everything in sight. I was in WalMark a few days ago it was crazy in their family with all there kids shopping. Why aren’t these stores follow rules. I will not go back to WalMark unit this is all over with or they change their policy!

    • Information is incorrect. The stores are selling anything the customers want to buy as they are shopping in the stores.

    • It is the parents responsibility to care for and contain their children. For their safety, we don’t allow our children in public. They remain with one parent at home or in the vehicle while the other shops. I would have no problem with store security restricting children from
      entering; it’s all about saving lives.

  2. I have several prescriptions that I take and I know there are plenty of others who also need prescription meds that they get from Walmart. I do all of my shopping in Walmart. I can do without buying clothes and such, but medications that keep me healthy, I can’t. Walmart also has a $4 plan that sells some expensive meds for $4 for a 30day prescription or $12 for a 90 day prescription. I think you need to think the need for Pharmacies in Walmart, Target,etc. The little stores couldn’t handle all of the prescriptions that these big stores do. Think on these areas for all concerned. Please.


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