Kim Zolciak I am happy bikini always


Pensacola, Florida

She revealed last year that her diet consisted of lots of pasta, wine and sweets.

On Sunday, Kim Zolciak Berman of Real Housewives of Atlanta demonstrated that her eating habits are working for her.

My 41-year-old mother went to social media to share a photo of a deadly mirror selfie the day before the pool with her children at their palace in Georgia.

Kim was amazed in two fragmented magenta pieces that drew attention to her incredibly harmonious stomach and changed the division surgically – she recognized breast life and a tummy tuck.

The reality TV star designed her blonde hair back messy and seemed to wear a natural amount of makeup.

Kim’s bikini picture comes where she spent most of the day with her kids playing in the new sliding pool.

She previously shared her bikini body diet to fans on social media.

I love noodles, vegetables and all sweets,” she said, adding that she also enjoys a glass of wine every day.

“I don’t eat red meat or pork. There aren’t many poultry either. I eat banana before every exercise. I don’t eat breakfast but I only drink my dietary shakes.

Everything about vegetables for Kim and Family was on Monday morning.

She shared a video of her personal chef, Tracey Bloom, sharing how to peel broccoli before serving her vegetables.

Tracy also admitted that Kim made her stay at home for two weeks as a precaution for COVID-19.

She said, “For my information only, I have been booked for 14 days, not because I showed any signs but because my manager is a weirdo.”

The chef was seen wearing gloves, as one of Kim’s sons was in the background.

Kim is Mother of Beryl, 23. Ariana, 18, Spherical, Eight, Cache, Seven, and Twins, Kaya and Kane, Six.

The eldest daughter of a star, Not Tardy, Brielle, shares the amazing meals she eats every day to achieve her perfect bikini body.

“I go to chick Fila there every day (except Sunday) around 3:00 for” breakfast / lunch “, I shared it on her Instagram stories.

“I only eat between 3-8 every day!”


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