Fiesta Pensacola follows the CDC recommendation and the statewide recommendation that regulators cancel or postpone all publicly permitted personal events of 10 or more people, in response to a COVID-19 outbreak. Based on this recommendation,

The search for children’s treasure, scheduled for Saturday, April 25, and the Pensacola Crawfish Festival, scheduled for May 8-10 have been postponed.

No delay dates have been confirmed for either event, but Fiesta Pensacola is actively rescheduling both events.

At this time, the 10-day Fiesta Days Celebrations, which begins in late May, is still planned. This may also change, depending on the rapidly evolving news surrounding COVID-19.

As always, public safety remains our top priority. Fiesta Pensacola will continue to follow the instructions from the federal and state health agencies going forward.

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