The secret date of Kelly brook


Pensacola, Florida

Paul Danley reveals Tilly that he secretly dated Kelly Brook – and then casts her after his grandfather caught them having love.

The former Hollywood star, 41, also said he was roasted over romance by former hard-line Hollywood guy Jason Statham.

Speaking on the Chatting with Dapper Laughs, Pod said, I went to (Italia Drama School, and Kelly Brook was there.

So I went out with her for six months, maybe for a longer period.

I used to take her home after college.

I met my grandfather. It was amazing.

My grandfather entered us once.

The bra was out, it’s natural, and it’s huge.

She was a young Cindy Crawford and everyone loved her, I felt so lucky.

But we were at completely different wavelengths.

I was a bit of a stone, and she was at S Club 7. And I ended up with her. Very broken.”

Paul also claimed that Jason, 52, Fast & Furious superstar, once faced him about the relationship during a lively night in Los Angeles.

The Kelly Model, 40 years old, dated for six years until 2004.

Paul added: “Years later she was going out with Jason.

I was living in Los Angeles at the time and spent with him and spending a night out.

So we laugh and talk away about an hour after he’s gone,” so I was with Kelly, yes?

“I swear. No security, just you and me



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