Halle Berry announce on Istagram


Pensacola, Florida.

Halle Berry has announced that Quarantine

The 53-year-old took to Instagram amid a coronavirus pandemic to share a sweaty workout photo.

Haley started late better than Fitness Friday.

Quarantine is a prostitute! This week has been even crazier for me … I just switched to the first part of my movie and my debut #Bruised Tonight

 Excited to celebrate, but now I want to take everything with you on the way back.

The actress, who is a very popular “Fitness Friday”, then added that she was posting something “very special” on IGTV.

Classic Friday fitness! These are my favorite exercises and peterleethomas from the past two years.

Take a hike in memory, take these workouts this weekend with us and get ready to feel written.

The most important? Stay home, stay clean and stay fit and healthy!

The sudden picture of Hala and her coach, Peter Lee Thomas, shows him working on his arms.

The Oscar winner shook a black tank top, black Aloe yoga socks and Alo gray sneakers. She was wearing her hair, but she kept her charming hair streaks from her face with black bandana. More than her IGTV, she published a set of her favorite workouts, and revealed some of her most important moves include burping, push-ups, and free weights. We cannot believe she is 53 years old

In the second week of quarantine, Halle tried to cheer up her fans a little by sharing a happy make-up picture of herself with one of her favorite recipes. The actress looked great as she was smiling in the picture, wearing a veil and lifting a plate containing a piece of Bacon Ranch chicken.

I am fifteenth day with a strong head scarf game now (Who has time for hair?

This is not the first time that Hall has shared a picture of her at home in quarantine so she can help stop the spread of the corona virus pandemic.

On the day before her last post, on March 26, she posted a close-up of her with a different headscarf while carrying a glass of wine.

Wine because a great story has not started with power.

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