Free delivery from CVS pharmacy during a coronavirus outbreak


Pensacola, Florida

CVS Pharmacy takes steps to ensure that you can still get your medication amid a coronavirus outbreak.

A drugstore says it will waive the delivery fee for prescribed medications to the home. The CDC warns people who are at greater risk of contracting the coronavirus to stay in their homes as much as possible, so this will prevent people from going to the pharmacy for refills or new prescriptions.

CVS Health Aetna will also provide 90-day maintenance prescriptions for insured and Medicare members. Aetna works with state governments to make the same choice for Medicaid members.

In addition, Aetna will waive the early refill restrictions on 30-day medical maintenance medications for all members who enjoy the benefits of pharmacy managed by CVS Caremark. Caremark works with clients to waive early recharge limits on prescriptions for 30 days.

CVD Health Troyen Brennan, M.D. M.P.H.

CVS Health employs 50,000 workers and provides rewards for employees who are required to work on site during a coronavirus pandemic.

The company’s CVS pharmacy sites remain open during the COVID-19 crisis.

CVS gives workers up to $ 500 in rewards. Eligible beneficiaries include pharmacists, store staff and managers.

The company also announced that it would give 24 hours paid sick leave to part-time employees during the epidemic. Workers whose test results are positive or require quarantine are also eligible for 14 days of paid leave.

CVS has already deployed shields in all New York City stores in front-wheel drive centers and pharmacy counters. A spokeswoman, Amy Thibault, said there were plans to apply plexiglass in all stores nationwide by the end of next week. This includes approximately 485 independent CVS pharmacies and pharmacies within Target stores across Pennsylvania.

Other chains, like Redner’s Markets, search the armor.

Meanwhile, spokesman Eric White said that the corridors are equipped with anti-microbial belt covers, providing an additional layer of sanitary procedures. There are at least four belt rolls per store – enough to equip every other lane. White added that the cashiers continue to clean and sterilize these areas.


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