Channing Tatum and Jesse J. split again


Pensacola, fl

Channing Tatum and Jesse G reportedly first met in the fall of 2018, after separating in April 2018 from his ex-wife Gina Diwan. In December last year, they split, but they came back together in January.

The two called him to resign again.

“They have paid enough attention to each other to try again, but they realized it was better to move forward,” one source said. “She is completely friendly.” The source continued: “He is very busy with his career and my father. He has a world waiting for him and trying to manage the extent of his concern and it is not an easy thing.”

In January, the couple looked fine and happy to return again. Tatum posted a photo of two hugging together on his Instagram account.

This unicorn singing will write tonight, “Written after that.” Then we will enter it! Trumpets! “

When Tatum posted that picture, a fan commented that he looks better with Dewan than Jesse J.

Tatum had a response to this person: “Hey Alex, I don’t usually take shit like this,” he wrote. “But you look as good as the terrible happy people who hate a thoughtless person like none of them. Why don’t you think seriously about what you’re doing? It’s painful and I’m not.”

It wasn’t there: “If you can’t be a horrific hateful person on my page and support the endless beauty that is untouchable which is jess … please kindly eject the TF from here.

Nobody wants you here. Especially me


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