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Prescription prices vary in different retail stores

The prices for prescribed medications vary from one pharmacy to another, even in the same zip code.

It is important to research drug price options before filling in the prescription. It could be just a few miles difference to save more of your medications.

Make sure to search for your medications to get the prices of alternative pharmacies before filling in the prescription so you don’t leave any money on the table. RxSaver By RetailMeNot was created to help customers find prescription coupons in seconds at the nearest pharmacy.

Walmart Pharmacy Discount

Many pharmacies offer prescription drug discount programs to help cover the costs. It is also a great way for customers to know what they will pay at the pharmacy before receiving their prescriptions.

A great example of knowing the price of a drug before going to the pharmacy is the Walmart $ 4 list. This list was created to help easily identify the low-cost generic drugs available at local Walmart pharmacies. It is always better to check Walmart Rx rates monthly as the list is routinely updated.

The Walmart $ 4 list has been created to help customers purchase common or uninsured medications.

How RxSaver Can Help Reduce Prescription Costs At Walmart Pharmacy

The Walmart $ 4 listing is not the only place you can find discount pharmacy prices for prescription medications for you.

RxSaver By RetailMeNot is a free platform that allows you to search for prescription drug coupons in seconds at pharmacies closest to you. Sometimes you will find that going to the pharmacy across the street can save you more on your prescription’s cost.

Find your medication below to see how much your prescription costs at Walmart.

Use the RxSaver tool below to search discounted coupons for drugs in nearby pharmacies

RxSaver may be cheaper than insurance

Most people assume that their insurance is the best price choice for their medication. However, RxSaver can often provide you with more medicine than insurance.

If you have health insurance, it is still important to check RxSaver before filling out your prescription and compare the price of the RxSaver voucher against your Copay insurance price. This is especially important for those who have a high discount insurance plan since you often pay more out of pocket costs on prescribed medications. RxSaver cannot be combined with your insurance, RxSaver coupons are used in place of your insurance coupon.

If you are not insured, RxSaver is a voucher option so you can provide the prescribed medication for you. Whether you are locked or unlocked, always use RxSaver to make sure you save more before you reach the pharmacy counter.

Transfer your prescription to Walmart

Have you found a medical voucher on RxSaver you want to use, but it’s a pharmacy you haven’t visited before? Don’t worry, changing your pharmacy is simple and can be completed in three easy steps.


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