Removal The leader of the aircraft carrier, USS Theodore Roosevelt, because criticism the Navy for dealing with the Corona crisis


Pensacola, Florida

The captain of the USS Theodore Roosevelt received a salute from his former crew now when he last left the aircraft carrier after being ejected from a letter he wrote demanding that his guards be quarantined after the coronavirus outbreak.

The videos that the sailors posted on social media show a large crowd of soldiers and women aboard the warship offering a farewell to Captain Brett Cruiser.

He heard a man say, “In this way, you are sending one of your greatest captains.”

Another sailor, Talia Petrkin, posted a video showing Cruzier, wearing a baseball cap and backpack on his left shoulder, leaving USS Theodore Roosevelt, which anchored in Guam.

He was seen saluting, then turned to the sailors chanting his name: “Captain Cruise! Captain Cruise!”

“Until a long time ago for our hero Captain Cruiser,” wrote the comment on Petrkin’s post.

Captain Crucero was expelled Thursday by the acting secretary of the US Navy. USA, Thomas Mudley, four days after writing a scathing letter to Navy commanders calling for stronger action to tackle the COVID-19 outbreak that he said threatened the lives of sailors.

The videos were released after the nuclear-powered aircraft carrier docked on the Pacific island of Guam, where hundreds of sailors suspected of being coronavirus will be isolated in many hotels.

Up to 500 sailors are expected to stay at seven different hotels by the end of Friday, as they are quarantined and plans are underway to send more sailors to be evacuated from the ship.

As of Friday, the “140” sailors aboard the USS Roosevelt had positive results for COVID-19 and about 1,300 cases were examined, and about half of them were still pending, authorities said.

Moodley, who served in the US Navy. USA As a helicopter pilot before he became managing director of the consulting firm Waterhouse Coopers, he told radio presenter Hugh Hewitt that 95 sailors had “ mild to moderate ” flu symptoms and 42 had no symptoms.

According to Moodley, none of the sailors, who tested positive, needed hospitalization.

The acting secretary said Friday that he had made the decision to expel Crozier because he had publicly announced his call to evacuate the ship due to a coronavirus outbreak.

“One of the first things I learned as a naval officer was this phrase that I think became popular in World War II, which is the loose lips that sink ships,” Moodle told Hewitt on Friday.

“You know, we may need to update that now for the digital age, but I think the message is very clear,” said Moodley.

“We must be careful about the information we share and how we share it.

There is certainly no reason not to share information through the appropriate chains and to be transparent about the challenges we face, especially in crises.

“But this is not what happened in this case.

“And that’s why I took the actions I took yesterday.”

Moody told Hewitt on Friday that Crozier “shed light on the marina in a negative light when all the things he was asking for were going for it.”

The acting secretary said he was “somewhat disappointed” for him by the letter Crozier had sent to the press after he “established a hotline” for the captain.

Crozier should have gone straight to Modly “if he felt something was wrong and needed help.

“It did not.”

Moodley, a married father of four, one of whom is serving in the military, is the son of parents who fled the Communist bloc in Eastern Europe and came to the United States as refugees.

His father fled Hungary after World War II and then met his wife, who was a refugee from Yugoslavia, in the United States.

Modly was sworn in as an officer at the US Naval Academy. USA In July 1979.

He was named by President Trump’s Assistant Secretary of the Navy in 2017.

Moodley became acting secretary after Richard Spencer was fired from office to protest President Trump’s decision to interfere in the Eddie Gallagher case, a naval officer charged with war crimes.

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