Publix offers shoppers a non-contact payment option


Pensacola, Florida

Publix shoppers can now pay to buy groceries with “Pay In Contact.

While many stores already offer the option, Publix offers the option of mobile payment.

“In these unprecedented times, we have recognized the need to make our customers’ trips to our stores faster and more efficient,” said Publix CEO Todd Jones.

By speeding up this payment option, we will help customers reduce connection to commonly used surfaces such as PIN panels.

Customers can place their smartphones, credit or debit cards that support payment without contact near a device instead of passing a card or inserting it into the pin board.

All locations, including the GreenWise Marketplace, are expected to receive a non-contact payment by April 4.

Customers can continue to pay using the existing mobile payment option through the Publix app.

This is one of many ways Publix has worked to preserve the health and well-being of its customers and employees. Other actions taken include, but are not limited to, increasing sterilization efforts throughout the store, installing mesh glass shields in all records, reducing store hours to allow additional time to clean the store, enacting shopping hours intended for those aged 65 and over, installing Signs and floor markings to impose a six-foot distance between shoppers, give employees options to wear gloves and masks, and implement an emergency epidemiological fee for full-time and part-time affiliates who exhibit or are diagnosed with the symptoms of the Coronavirus.


  1. Please do like Walmart! Order online and an employee brings it to you! “SAFE, VERY SAFE!!” WHEN I let them know, that I am there, (there is a phone #to call, in my slot),I give them my name, what slot I am in, and tell them to put into the bed of my pickup! Publix is so busy, we are afraid to go in there. People are not using any protection at all!!!


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