Pharmacy Walmart credit card


Simply show your Walmart prescription discount card at a participating pharmacy across the United States and save up to 80% of the prescribed medications.

We are direct partners with Walmart to set lower prices for prescription drugs

100% free to use – no fishing, hidden fees, or insurance premiums

Frequently asked questions about Wal-Mart’s individual pharmacy card

Can I use SingleCare in Walmart if I have Medicare?

Yes, SingleCare drug coupons are valid at Walmart Pharmacy even if you have Medicare or Medicaid. In some cases, the lowest singleCare price for your prescription can be better than what you pay with Medicare. Visit our blog to learn more about the difference between SingleCare and Medicare debit card.

Will I be charged with Cubay with SingleCare?

With SingleCare, you will not owe Cubay the same way you do for insurance. Instead, you will get a discount from the retail price of prescription drugs. In fact, SingleCare discount rates are sometimes lower than premiums.

Is SingleCare the same as health insurance?

SingleCare is a discount program – not a health insurance plan. We work directly with Walmart Pharmacy – as well as other local pharmacies – to offer a free discount drug card that reduces the cost of prescription medications for you. Whether you are unlocked, unlocked, or just a smart shopper, all Walmart customers can take advantage of the SingleCare Prescription Discount Plan. We have explained the differences between SingleCare and health insurance on our blog here.

Does Single Care have an app I can download?

Yes, iOS and Android users can download the SingleCare app for free. This gives Walmart customers quick access to the SingleCare’s Walmart prescription debit card. The mobile app allows you to search for medical drug coupons on the go, providing easy access to your digital discount card wherever you shop.

How can I get the most savings in Walmart medication prices?

Save up to 80% on prescription costs with Single Care. To start saving, locate Walmart Pharmacy near you at the best rate for your prescription by entering your zip code on or the mobile app. Then, submit your Single Care Card to a Walmart pharmacist. You will get a discount off the cash price for most medicines. For additional savings, ask your pharmacist if a generic version is available to describe your brand name. Generic drugs are usually more cost-effective than branded drugs. SingleCare offers discounts for both brand name and generic medicine. To maximize pharmacy savings, repeat this process each time you pick up a package.


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