The stores offer special hours for the elderly and other at-risk customers


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In an effort to protect the elderly and other people most at risk of developing COVID-19, many retailers and grocers offer special hours to these shoppers.

Using location information as well as corporate social media posts and data, The Dominion Post has compiled a list of what some popular stores have to offer.


Until April 28, stores will host a large shopping hour every Tuesday for customers aged 60 and over. This will start 1 hour before the store opens. Walmart pharmacies and vision centers will also open during this time, according to the website.

Shops open at 7 AM.


According to its website, Target will save the first hour of shopping every Wednesday to support vulnerable guests, including the elderly and those with primary health concerns.

The target opens at the University Town Center at 8 am, according to their website.


According to its website, Kroger stores in West Virginia will provide exclusive shopping for seniors between the ages of 60 and older from 7 to 8 in the morning, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.


According to the ALDI Facebook page, “On Tuesday and Thursday, ALDI stores will open at 8:30 am and book the first hour of work for vulnerable shoppers. This includes elderly citizens, pregnant mothers and those with basic health concerns.”

The giant eagle

Giant Eagle offers a watch intended for guests “aged 60 or over, with different abilities or weak immunity.”

For these guests, the stores will open at 6 AM, from Monday to Wednesday.

The dollar family and the dollar tree

Until further notice, Family Dollar and Dollar Tree stores “set aside daily store opening hours every day for at-risk customers, including elderly people, pre-existing health conditions and pregnant women. We urge all other customers to start their shopping trips after At least one hour from opening stores.

Shops for the Family area are open at 8 am

Dollar Tree opening hours vary by site, most of which open at 9 am, and the Dollar Tree website at University Town Center opens at 8 am, according to their website.

General dollar

It also encourages the general dollar to use its stores by the elderly and vulnerable populations only during the first hour of work.

In a statement from the company’s CEO, Todd Faus, the stores hope other shoppers will wait until later in the day to visit.

All Dollar Dollar department stores open at 8 am, according to the company’s store finder.

Great many

According to a statement issued by the company, all Big Lots stores keep the first hour of every day “for our elderly and most vulnerable to this virus.”

Big Lots opens in Westover at 9 a.m. on weekdays, and 8 a.m. on weekends.

Sam’s Club

According to its website, Sam’s Club offers early shopping hours from 7 to 9 in the morning every Tuesday and Thursday “for the elderly, people with disabilities or weak immune systems. This includes our pharmacy and optical centers and will continue until further notice.”

The website also points to a new concierge service available to seniors and other endangered clients.

“During special shopping hours on Tuesday and Thursday from 7 in the morning until 9 in the morning, these members can shop from the Sam’s Club without leaving their car. From the parking site, the needy members can place their order from their car, and the Sam’s Club Assistant will take care of the items on the list, Reads the site.


According to its website, Walgreens offers “free shipping for seniors, extended driving services for seniors, and only an hour for seniors at the store from 8-9 am every Tuesday”, noting that “higher working hours are available to senior citizens and patients aged 55 or greater.

Pharmacy hours may vary by site.



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