Starbucks pay to employers to stay at home


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Starbucks (SBUX) says it will extend the temporary benefits of COVID-19 to its employees in the United States, including higher hourly wages for workers and pays a disaster for those who choose not to work or cannot work, until May 3.

“We feel these are important benefits that should be extended right now, so whether you take care of your loved ones, isolate yourself responsibly, or choose to stay home for any reason, you can be confident that you don’t have to.” Wrote Rosson Williams, head of the American business you run The company and Canada, in a speech

Choose between coming to work and your personal well-being during this crisis

“Indeed, any sick partner, or feel more comfortable in self-isolation for any reason, can stay home and use Catastrophe Pay. Healthy partners who choose to work will continue to receive an additional $ 3 an hour with a payment service.”

Until May 3, Starbucks will continue to operate with suspended indoor access in all of its more than 15,000 American cafes.

On March 20, Starbucks centered solely on command and delivery to commit to social discrimination. About 60% of the 15,000 Starbucks stores in the U.S. offer car driving. The coffee chain offers delivery in partnership with Uber Eats across 49 U.S. markets.

“These are two important steps we can continue to take to help prevent social gathering in our stores, while continuing to be able to serve our communities and frontline responders as safely as possible by choosing Drive-Thru, MO&P and Delivery, only Williams wrote stores, adding that after May 3, , “They intend to slowly start adapting to more natural operating models and benefit plans, while acknowledging that the status of COVID-19 in every community remains incredibly different and resilient.”

Starbucks was among the oldest companies to offer disaster pay. The company will continue to pay to all of its partners until May 3, regardless of whether they work or not. For those who choose to work, the coffee giant recently sweetened hourly wages for an additional $ 3 an hour.

The coffee chain will also start sending thermometers to its stores for employees to use before their shifts, but it’s a “totally voluntary step”.

Elsewhere, all Starbucks partners, whether they work or not, can access childcare as part of the extended benefits.

In a recent message, CEO Kevin Johnson said that every company has a responsibility to “care for its employees during this time of uncertainty, common sacrifice and the common cause.

“I hope to see many business leaders across this country do everything in their power to keep their jobs, pay employee salaries, continue benefits, and show mercy as they make critical decisions.” Not every financial decision.


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