Keeping Up With the Kardashians end of season 18


Pensacola, Florida

The second episode of Keeping Up With The Kardashians, Season 18, airs tonight to American fans.

Viewers were shocked last week to see a huge battle that erupted between Kim and Courtney, which quickly transformed physically.

It was directed by Kim suggesting that she lacked a superior work ethic, and Courtney was raped.

Tonight’s episode will focus on the aftermath of the fight, with Kim and Courtney going to Armenia to baptize their children.

Meanwhile, Courtney is thinking about making a big difference in her life because she realizes that she is not happy. Fans speculated that he would leave KUWTK after announcing in November that he would appear less in the episodes.

The first part of Fights, Friendships and Fashion Week also testified that Kylie Jenner became very ill to fulfill job duties in Paris, and this drama will continue.

Fans can listen to the show at 7/8 EDT! Here’s how to watch it

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